MFP Students

The University's campus wide copy/print program provides multiple (55) high quality multi-functional (MFP) devices that can be used as a copier, printer, scanner and fax machine. Through our partnership with MRC Xerox, the program provides secure devices that can be shared by all University users with an active USF ID card or an active Copy Card. 

This self-service copy/print program was created to provide a maximum level of service at a low cost by combining the copy/print usage of the entire University community to include students, faculty members, staff members, select affiliates and guests.  As a result, the cost per impression charge is a competitive rate for patrons, that still allows the program to be financially self-supporting. Please see the following updated pricelist.

For instructions and short how-to videos on common MFP functions like Copying, Printing, Scanning and Faxing; please follow the links to the right, under "Important Links for MFP".

Getting Started:

To print, students must have the printer driver installed on their computer and they must be connected to the USF network. Print driver will appear as "USFXeroxSecurePrint" once installed under printer options. When sending a print job, students will be prompted to type in their USF username each time in order to assign their print job to their account. Once the print job has been sent, simply log in to any of the MFP devices to release the print job. Your account will not be charged until the print job is released.

On USF owned equipment, like computer lab and library computers, print drivers are pre-installed and ready to send print jobs.

Student Employees

To charge work-related jobs using a department FOAP(AL), please have your supervisor complete the Student Employee Copy Card Request Form.  This must be signed by a department business manager. Once the request is received Purchasing will provide a Student Employee Copy Card which must be used to complete all student employee related copy, print, scan and fax jobs.

To print from a USF computer, student employees must use the “Challenge” version of the printer driver. When sending a print job, a Student Employee will be prompted to type in the copy card number (9-digit number located at the front of the card) each time in order to assign their print job to the copy card. If the USF computer does not have the challenge version of the driver, please download the appropriate printer driver for your computer.  For questions regarding drivers, please contact ITS Help at or 415-422-6668.