Student Printing Overview

The University's campus wide print/copy program provides multiple high quality multi-functional (MFP) devices that can be used as a copier, printer, scanner and fax machine. Through our partnership with Sharp Business Systems, the program provides secure devices shared by all University users with an active USF OneCard, OneCard Mobile, or Department issues Copy Card for student employees.

This self-service copy/print program was created to provide a maximum level of service at a low cost by consolidating copy/print usage. The cost per impression charges are competitive rates for patrons. Please see the following updated price list.

Getting Started

Please refer to the USF Print Program for all USF Printing Options.

Student Employees

To print for university business purposes,  student employees must use a Student Employee Copy Card provided by USF staff or faculty. Most department-owned equipment have the appropriate driver installed, If your department has a USF-owned computer without a print challenge driver, ask your supervisor to contact the ITS Helpdesk to request the appropriate print driver installation.

Please have your supervisor's budget manager complete submit the HILLTOP SHOP PRINT COPY FOAP ACCESS request .Once the request is received Purchasing will provide a Copy Card which must be used to complete all student employee related copy, print, scan and fax jobs.

For requests or questions regarding print drivers, please contact ITS Help at or 415-422-6668.