Orientation Fall 2020

The task of preparing you for a successful and rigorous academic challenge begins with Orientation for new first year students.

The first week of classes, August 17 - 21, combines the start of first year classes with relevant Orientation workshops and lectures designed to ease your transition to law school.

Orientation is the start of the academic year and part of the curricular requirements, i.e. attendance is mandatory.

Orientation information was email to new admits on August 11.

There are two parts to Orientation:

Part 1: Orientation Portal - Complete at your own pace between now and August 16.

To access the portal, go to www.go2orientation.com/usfcalaw

Register your account using your full name & USF email account (username@dons.usfca.edu

Note: If you do not use your USF email, the system will not recognize your account and you will be prompted to complete the orientation again. 

Once you login, you will be directed to complete and review several sections designed to help you learn more about the University, the Law School, and prepare you for your Orientation Zoom Sessions (see below).  The platform is very intuitive with an easy to follow self-guided program. You will also find an Orientation schedule with Zoom links to all sessions.  In addition, all assignments for the week of Orientation are also posted on the platform along with assigned reading materials.  You will see all Orientation assignments by clicking on the Orientation 2020 Syllabus link under Orientation Assignments. Finally, additional information from various Law School departments are also available on the platform.  Be sure to review all departmental information carefully as it is related to both Orientation as well as services and programs you will utilize throughout law school. The online portal also contains a link to Zero-L program which all students are highly encouraged to complete if you have not already done so.

Part 2: Real-time Zoom Orientation Sessions the week of August 17- August 21

In order to fully prepare for all Zoom Orientation sessions scheduled for the week of August 17, as well as your remote learning online classes, please review the following important requirements:

All students will need a computer, a webcam, and a headset with a microphone. Access to a printer will be very helpful. When accessing all orientation meetings and classes this year, you must be logged in Zoom through myUSF. Information about how to download Zoom software and additional Zoom information is available here. This will ensure that your attendance is noted by your professors. 

Please remember that attendance is mandatory for all Zoom Orientation sessions and attendance will be taken and monitored.  If  you have an emergency and cannot attend a sessions, please contact the Law Admissions Office staff as soon as possible at lawadmissions@usfca.edu. If you have questions about Zoom links during the week of August 17, please contact lawstudentaffairs@usfca.edu.

The first Orientation Zoom session is scheduled for Monday, August 17 at 9:30 am.  The session will open beginning at 9:15 am to confirm your attendance.  Failure to login on time and have your attendance confirmed may result in your withdrawal from the Fall 2020 entering class.  As with any law school class, do not be late!  Please be sure that your first and last name is part of your online video settings.

Registration for fall classes will be finalized during the first Orientation session.

Orientation schedule for each section is available below:

Section 1

Section 2

First Week Assignments

First-year class meetings begin during Orientation week. Reading materials and assignments for Orientation are available on the Orientation platform.  First week assignments for the week of August 24 can be found at: https://myusf.usfca.edu/law/registration/course-resources#assignments.

Fall Class Schedule

A preliminary class schedule and section assignment was emailed to you by August 3, 2020, along with a book list.  This preliminary schedule will NOT include your Legal Research, Writing and Analysis (LRWA) section, which you will receive at Orientation check-in.

Full-time day students are randomly assigned to one of two day sections, of approximately 70-75 students each, and are enrolled in 4 courses in the fall semester (14 units) and 5 courses in the spring semester (14 units). Day classes are held Monday through Friday. The part-time day students are randomly assigned to one of two day sections of approximately 70-75 students each and will be enrolled in 3 courses in the fall semester and 4 course in the spring semester (10 units fall, 12 units spring). Classes are held Monday through Friday. 

Voluntary one hour ABES sessions (general academic support) are also scheduled for all first year students.  These sessions will be held on dates TBA during the academic year.

First class assignments for the week of August 24 will be posted on our website. Assignments may be available as early as the second week of August. 

USF Student ID/One Card

All new law students are required to obtain their USF student ID card (also known as the USF One Card) before Orientation. You are required to obtain your USF student ID card through the One Card Office via their Online ID Express process.

Please visit our Obtaining a Card page, which has been updated to reflect the various options available (https://myusf.usfca.edu/one-card/obtaining-card). Categories are organized by whether you are an Apple iOS user or an Android user. For now, those who currently have Android mobile devices or do not have a compatible device, we ask that you reach out to the One Card Office for further assistance so they can ensure you have a physical One Card prepared for you when you arrive. 

You can obtain your USF Student ID/One Card by completing an online process as soon as possible but no later than August 13, 2020.  This process will allow you to submit a digital photo to the USF One Card Office. 


- Visit onecard.usfca.edu and log in using your myUSF username and password.

- Upload identity verification with a Government ID and a photo approved by photo submission guidelines. (https://myusf.usfca.edu/one-card/upload-your-photo)


- App is Available via the App Store and the Google Play Store.

- For Apple Pay usage you must have an eligible Apple device with the
most up to date operating system.


Once you have logged in:

- For Android users, select Mobile Access select the location you want to unlock

- For Apple users, select Mobile Access & Add Mobile One Card.


Return to the home page in GET Mobile and select Add to Apple Wallet. You can add both your iPhone and Apple Watch.