Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

What is the difference between Student Enrollment Services and One Card?

Student Enrollment Services is the Enrollment Management Office, and provides combined services in the areas of financial aid, registration and tuition & billing. The One Card Office administers USF's One Card Program.

Do I get a new One Card every year?

No - the first card you receive should serve as your ID card throughout your time at USF (unless your status changes). Please visit our Replace a Card page for replacement information.

Where can I get a replacement MUNI pass & residence-hall sticker if I lose my One Card?

Questions regarding a replacement MUNI pass should be directed to the One Card Office. For a replacement residence-hall sticker, visit your hall's front desk.

What do I do with a found One Card?

Found cards should be returned either to the One Card Office (Lone Mountain 130) or to the Public Safety Office (University Center 5th Floor).

How long does it take to process an Access Request?

The standard turnaround time is one business day. Please allow at least that long for us to receive your request and process it. We will send you an email confirmation once it is complete.

Where should I go to get my card encoded for access to a location that requires a PIN?

Once you have received confirmation that the access has been added to your account, please visit the One Card Office to set a PIN and have your card encoded.

Are there any benefits to depositing money onto my Don Dollars account?

Yes - if you use Don Dollars on campus, you receive a discount at all on-campus dining locations. For further information please visit our Accepted Don Dollars Location page here.

How long will it take for an online Don Dollars deposit to be reflected on my account balance?

Funds should deposit to your Don Dollars account instantly. If, after one business day, your payment has not been processed, we suggest that you view the transactions associated with the credit/debit card used. If your credit/debit card account shows the money has been withdrawn, but your Don Dollars account still reveals no deposit, please email the One Card Office.

What if I'm having trouble borrowing books at the library with my One Card?

While the One Card Office is responsible for your access privileges into the library, we have no control over your book-borrowing privileges once you are inside. Please speak with the Gleeson Library front desk staff to resolve this matter.

How should I go about getting a new photo for my One Card?

You can update your USF One Card photo at anytime by submitting it online via our Online ID Express system or by visiting the One Card Office. The fee for updating your photo is $15, or $5 if you exchange an old One Card for the new one.