Frequently Asked Questions

One Card Operational Hours Update

Please note our office is currently working remotely due to University compliance with San Francisco’s COVID-19 Shelter-in-place mandate so some instructions may have changed. If you have any questions please email us at

If you require immediate assistance, please contact Public Safety Dispatch at 415-422-4201 or  

USF One Card

The USF One Card Office administers USF's One Card Program. Our objectives are to provide a centralized means for you to access several key University services, and to provide a convenient way for you to conduct your on-campus business.

You can update your One Card Photo at any time by submitting it online via our One Card Online system.

Once you have received confirmation access has been added to your account and it requires you to have a pin, if you are living on campus, you can simply visit the Front Desk of your Residence Hall. If you are not living on campus, but have an office which requires a code to access, please contact the One Card Office to schedule a time for your card to be encoded.

Replacement Policies

No - the first card you receive should serve as your ID card throughout your time at USF (unless your status changes). Please visit our Replace a Card page for replacement information.

Found cards should be returned to the One Card Office (University Center 5th Floor). (Please note: Due to health and safety measures in place in response to COVID-19, Public Safety Dispatch can be contacted in the event a lost One Card is found. They can be reached at 415-422-4201 and

There is a $15 fee for replacement cards. One Cards that are printed due to an update to your photo will also cost $15. There is a $5 fee if you exchange an old One Card for a new one.

Debit Accounts

Funds will deposit to your Don Dollars account instantly. If, after one business day, your payment has not been processed, we suggest you view the transactions associated with the credit/debit card used. If your credit/debit card account shows the money has been withdrawn, but your Don Dollars account does not reflect this, please email the One Card Office.

Don Dollars belong to an optional but highly recommended on-campus debit account. The Don Dollars program is administered by the USF One Card Office and enables you to conveniently make purchases throughout USF via your USF One Card.

Flexi is USF's room and board meal plan, and is required of students living in on-campus housing (with the exception of those living in Loyola Village, Fulton House, and Pedro Arrupe Residence Halls).

Types of One Cards

The GET Mobile App is an online and mobile platform that allows for quick and convenient access to Don Dollars, Mobile Access, Balance Tracking, and more.

The GET Mobile App is accessible for anyone to use with a Smartphone. The Mobile USF One Card is currently only available for eligible iOS users.

Your Mobile One Card works just like any other card or pass you add to your Apple Wallet. The Apple Wallet is a popular way to keep bank cards, boarding passes, and more available in one place on your Apple devices. The Mobile USF One Card may now also be added to the Apple Wallet and may be configured to function in one of two ways:

  1. With Express Mode turned on (default): You approach the reader with your iPhone or Apple Watch without needing to authenticate via Face ID or Touch ID, enabling an extremely fast, frictionless transaction experience designed for campus use.
  2. With Express Mode turned off (optional): You will need to use Touch ID or Face ID to perform campus card transactions.


If you don't want to use Express Mode, you can turn it off by:

  1. Opening your Apple Wallet
  2. Tapping the ellipses found at the top right corner to access the back of your ID card
  3. Tap the Express Mode on/off button.

Once you've completed these steps, you will then need to use Touch ID or Face ID to perform campus card transactions.

Currently the support for the Mobile USF One Card has been limited to Apple iOS users. Support for Android Mobile Devices with the expectation of using the service through Google Pay. More information and updates on this feature should be coming by Fall - Winter of 2020.