SONHP Clinical Badges

As an Undergraduate student within the School of Nursing & Health Professions (SONHP), you may be authorized to receive a clinical badge. To order your USF Undergraduate Clinical Badge please follow the instructions below:

  1. Before starting the SONHP Clinical Badge Order process, you must confirm the following: 

  2. Once you have confirmed both of these steps - select “SONHP Clinical Badge” under the Request Services Menu on the main One Card Online page.

  3. Confirm that you approve USF to charge $7.00 to your Don Dollars for this purchase will be required to move forward with your order. 

  4. Once you’ve submitted your order, check your USF email to ensure your order has been confirmed.

If you are eligible to receive a USF Nursing Badge for the current semester your payment will be finalized and you will pick up your USF Nursing Badge from the School of Nursing’s Cowell Hall.

If your order has been processed, please see the badge delivery schedule below (Please allow up to (2) Business Day(s) for processing and delivery of your Clinical Badge.):

  • Orders made on Monday and Tuesday are delivered: Wednesday after 2:00pm

  • Orders made on Wednesday and Thursday are delivered: Friday after 2:00pm

  • Orders made on Friday through Sunday are delivered: the following Monday after 2:00pm

Deliveries are made to the SONHP Dean’s Office after 2:00pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (with the exceptions of holidays and campus closures).

If you do not receive your badge by your delivery date and time listed above and you have not received an email notification explaining why from the One Card Office, please contact One Card at or via phone at 415.422.7663 for further assistance. 

Badges will only be issued by the School of Nursing, and cannot be picked up from the One Card Office. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the School of Nursing for further assistance. 

Please note this process is SOLELY for Undergraduate Nursing Students at the Hilltop (SF) campus. If you are a BSN Sacramento student (VANAP), Graduate Student or Faculty Member, please check in with your program for more information regarding where and how you can receive your Nursing Badge.