Student Feedback

The USF School of Law values your feedback and looks forward to receiving your input, so that we can improve our student services and program of legal education.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.

Feedback about Student Services

If you have specific feedback about the Financial Aid Office, the Office of Career Services, the Law Registrar’s Office, the Office of Student Affairs, or the Zief Law Library, or if you have general feedback about the student services that you are receiving, please select "Student Services" below.

Formal Complaints about the Program of Legal Education

The University of San Francisco School of Law is accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) and thus subject to the ABA Standards for Approval of Law Schools. If you would like to file a formal complaint about the University of San Francisco's compliance to the ABA Standards, please select "Program of Legal Education" below.

Report an Incident

To report incidents of Honor Code Violations, Non-Academic Student Conduct, and or Title IX, please Report Incident.

Please note: the following form requires you to be signed into myUSF before you can view and submit it.