Course Resources

The Office of the Law Registrar maintains (except when noted below) a collection of materials that is relevant to student enrollment. These materials include:

First Assignments - Fall 2021

courses without first assignments

Mediation I - Cummings


Listed on Canvas


jd coursES

Advanced Criminal Procedure - Arian

Advanced Legal Research - Ham

Animal Law - Liebman

Appellate Advocacy - Vu

Art Law  - Shorofsky

Civil Procedure  - Green

Constitutional Law I - Nice

Contracts I - Dibadj

Contracts I - Price

Corporations  - Dibadj

Domestic Violence Law and Litigation - Murphy, Vu

Employee Benefits (ERISA) - Carroll

Evidence - Ahrens

Evidence - Moran

Immigration Law - Hing

Information Privacy Law - Monroe

Intellectual Property Survey - Onda

Int'l Human Rights Law - de la Vega

Legal Drafting - Honigsberg

Legal Issues in Sports - Eisenhardt

Legal Research and Writing  - Ho

Legal Research and Writing  - Phillips

Legal Research and Writing -Reichbach

Patent Law - Dergosits

Professional Responsibility  - Leibman

Property I - Iglesias

Property I - Kaswan

Remedies - Brown

Securities Regulations  - Dibadj

Skills for Future Lawyers - Moran

Torts - Ontiveros

Torts - Williams

Trial Practice - Arns and Brandi

Wrongful Convictions - Bazelon


clinics & externships

Civil Externships - Sidwell

Criminal Externship - Coleman and Sidwell

Internet and IP Justice Clinic - Fajfar

Judicial Externship Program - Sidwell

Racial Justice Clinic - Bazelon




Graduate Tax Programs

Please refer to Canvas for your first assignment information



The Law Faculty Services Office posts all first assignments as they are received (if applicable) from faculty. If your course is not referenced on this list, it is possible that your professor has chosen to list it only on its Canvas page.

Questions about first assignments should be directed to the Law Faculty Services Office at