Course Resources

The Office of the Law Registrar maintains (except when noted below) a collection of materials that is relevant to student enrollment. These materials include:

First Assignments - Spring 2021

courses without first assignments

Applied Evidence - Leonida 

Immigration Clinic - Hing

Legal Drafting - Letheule

Legal Drafting - Sheik

Legal Research & Writing II - Kim

Professional Responsibility - Kim


Listed on Canvas

Civil Procedure II - Duryee and White

Legal Research & Writing II - Abelkop


Sent via Email (please contact professor if you have not received it)

Constitutional Law II - Nice

Sexuality Law - Nice

jd courses

Administrative Law - Honigsberg

Advanced CA Legal Research - Shafer

American Legal Writing and American Legal Systems - VU

Animals and Justice seminar - Liebman

Antitrust - Dibadj

Community Property - Iglesias

Constitutional Law II - Boso

Contracts - Price 

Contracts II - Garvey

Contracts Drafting - Price 

Copyright Law - Shorofsky

Corporations - Dibadj

Criminal Law - Boso

Criminal Procedure: Section 1 - Leo

Criminal Procedure: Section 2 - Leo

Employment Law - Travis

Energy Law - Lindh

Entertainment & Media Law - Harvey

Environmental Law - Kawsan

Eviction Law & Litigation - Iglesias

Evidence - Coleman

Immigration Law - Hing

Intellectual Property Seminar - Love

International Human Rights - de la Vega

Interpersonal Dynamics - Rosenberg and Selph

Legal Research and Writing II, Section 3 - Ho

Legal Research and Writing II - Abelkop

Legal Research, Writing & Analysis II, Section I - Hutchinson

Legal Research, Writing & Analysis II, Section 4 - Hutchinson

Litigating Workers' Rights in the Gig Economy - Dharap, Erickson

Negotiation - Hutchinson

Partnership Tax - Lathrope

Property II - Iglesias

Property II - Kaswan

Public International Law - Garvey

Racism and Justice Seminar - Magee

Remedies - Travis

Wills and Trusts - Schwartz


clinics & externships

Civil Externships - Sidwell

Criminal and Juvenile Justice and Racial Justice Clinics - Bazelon

Criminal Externships - Sidwell

IP Clinic - Fajfer

Judicial Externships - Sidwell

Tax Appeals Assistance Program - Sidwell



Graduate Tax Programs

Please refer to Canvas for your first assignment information



The Law Faculty Services Office posts all first assignments as they are received (if applicable) from faculty. If your course is not referenced on this list, it is possible that your professor has chosen to list it only on its Canvas page.

Questions about first assignments should be directed to the Law Faculty Services Office at