First Year Class Schedule

Class Information

First-Year Orientation

Orientation will be held Aug. 17 - 21, 2020. The orientation program is part of the first-year instructional program. Attendance and participation in the orientation program is mandatory for all new first-year students. Orientation materials will be emailed in late July. Formal classes for all law students begin August 24.

First-Year Class Schedule

The requirement of 4-5 courses each semester for full time students, 3 courses each semester for part time day students, enables students to focus on fewer subjects more deeply and provides more study/ preparation time in the first year.  

The first year curriculum consists primarily of required classes in a pre-determined schedule. Individual student schedules and book lists will be available in early August. Required first year classes with days/times listed will be posted on our web site in early August.

Full-time day students are randomly assigned to one of two day sections, of approximately 70-75 students each, and are enrolled in 4 courses in the fall semester (14 units) and 5 courses in the spring semester (14 units). Day classes are held Monday through Friday. The part-time day students are randomly assigned to one of two day sections of approximately 65-70 students each and will be enrolled in 3 courses per semester (10 units fall, 12 units spring). Classes are held Monday through Friday.  

Find information on our courses and curriculum here.

First Assignments

Assignments for the first week of classes will be posted on our website under First Assignments in early August. 

Reading Assignments for week of august 24

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