Who We Are

WE ARE lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allied USF faculty and staff. 

TOGETHER we aim to

  • create safe spaces to discuss and address LGBTQ equity issues on campus;
  • facilitate community-building events;
  • listen to the needs of the community and advocate for change to USF leadership; 
  • highlight event and volunteer opportunities on and off campus;
  • develop partnerships with USF departments and organizations to ensure LGBTQ representation; 
  • and support USF's policy of nondiscrimination based on sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation by pressing for a welcoming and diverse academic, living, and working environment. 

Board Members:

Stephanie Carter
Information Technology Services

Rich Dillon
Student Leadership & Engagement

Julia Hing
Career Services Center

Hanna Lu
Information Technology Services

Beste F. Yuksel
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, College of Arts & Sciences