Who We Are

WE ARE lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allied USF faculty and staff. 

TOGETHER we aim to

  • create safe spaces to discuss and address LGBTQ equity issues on campus;
  • facilitate community-building events;
  • listen to the needs of the community and advocate for change to USF leadership; 
  • highlight event and volunteer opportunities on and off campus;
  • develop partnerships with USF departments and organizations to ensure LGBTQ representation; 
  • and support USF's policy of nondiscrimination based on sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation by pressing for a welcoming and diverse academic, living, and working environment. 
  • Board Members:

    Eric Bass
    Office of Marketing Communications

    Stephanie Carter
    Information Technology Services

    Rich Dillon
    Student Leadership and Engagement

    Julia Hing 
    Student Life, Career Services Center

    Kevin A. McLemore
    Office of Assessment and Accreditation Support

    Amanda Mitchell
    International Studies Department, College of Arts and Sciences

    Nolizwe Nondabula
    Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good

    Beste Yuksel
    Assistant Professor of Computer Science, College of Arts and Sciences