A Letter from the Co-Leads

August 2017

The opportunity to work on the Magis Project – in creative collaboration with dozens of members of the USF community who are serving on the Steering Committee and the seven Working Groups – is exciting for both of us. 

We invite you, too, to be an active participant in this initiative over the coming months.

The name of the project is the first signal that something exciting is taking place: magis – or “the more” or “the greater” in Latin – is a key Ignatian principle. Titling the project in this way indicates that this is a process of reflection and action; that it is aligned with USF’s mission and values; and that it is a means by which USF will become even better.

In creative, inclusive, and thoughtful partnership with the USF community, the Magis Project will explore ideas, best practices, new models, and different ways of proceeding.

As we work together over the next six months, we will be looking for input and feedback from all of you. Thank you in advance for your contributions. We look forward to discussing ways to strengthen our educational mission, our reputation, our financial and human resources, and our future.

We are fortunate to be guided by the expertise of Howard Teibel and Kim Gilbey, who have helped many universities become better at what they do.

Again, we welcome ideas and comments from all members of our community as we collaborate to forge a just, humane, sustainable path forward.