New myUSF Migration FAQ

Will our current web pages be hosted on an interim URL/website while we build out the duplicate web pages in the new system?

At the beginning of the week-long content freeze, we'll migrate all content over to new pages on the new myUSF system, which, for that week, will have a different, temporary URL. Once content on the new site has been reviewed, and we're ready to go live with the new version of myUSF, everything will change to

If all of our web pages are to change and no images are migrating over, is it worth it to work on making our current and historical web pages and images accessible?

For making pages accessible, I'd recommend prioritizing remediating PDFs and text content (i.e. making sure page headings are in descending order from H1 - H6 and no heading levels are skipped). As you mentioned, since images will not be migrated over, those should be the lowest priority.

Will web services be creating/building out all the new pages for the migration? 

All pages will be created on the new site during the migration with the existing content. We're asking that web editors go through and review their pages for formatting issues.

Will the menu structure on each web page continue to be vertically stacked?

Yes, submenus will be vertically stacked. The main navigation (at the top of the page, which will persist across all pages) will be horizontal.

What exactly is the new system? An upgrade of the current myUSF web editing software? Or, are we adopting a new web editing software entirely?

The new system will be on a newer version of Drupal (Drupal 8). There will be differences with the actual web editing process, however, For example, we're changing how a menu is added to a page and styled, since that is a pain point in current myUSF. We'll provide more details, and more specifics about what we're changing with the editing process, in the coming months.

How exactly will the migration work?

During the content migration, beginning on July 13, we will migrate all text content and files over to the new myUSF system.  The migration will not capture all existing formatting and styling (especially for pages using complex layouts), so pages may need to be changed on the new site following the migration.  Please attend a myUSF training for the new system in order to retain editor access for the new myUSF site. On the new myUSF system, all pages will have the same URL as they do on the current myUSF, so no links should break during the process.