Alternate Identity — Monogram Logo

The Monogram Logo emphasizes the initials “SF” to distinguish USF as a San Francisco institution. This variation is used only for special applications and is not included in the regular logo set.

Use this logo variation when:
• USF is immediately understood as the University of San Francisco and not mistaken for any other reading of USF.
• a bold visual treatment is needed.

The Monogram Logo with Tagline is the recommended Monogram Logo where appropriate; otherwise the Monogram Logo without tagline is acceptable.

Note: Use the tagline logo with discretion as to context. Do not use the tagline logo if “Change the World from Here” has an unintended associated meaning, for instance on a student comedy night poster or a bookstore promotion, in which case use the Monogram Logo without tagline.

The logo is composed of the monogram, symbol, and wordmark locked up together. Never deconstruct the logo. When you require the symbol or wordmark alone, use the approved artwork.

All Monogram Logos are available as 3-color logo—USF Green, USF Yellow, and USF Gray; 2-color logo—USF Green and USF Yellow; or one-color logo—black and white.

To request a logo, email