Color Palette—School Colors

Primary Identity Colors
The University of San Francisco school colors are USF Green (PMS 554), USF Yellow (PMS 1235), and USF Gray (PMS Cool Gray 9).

Whenever possible, the university logo should always be in its primary identity colors.

When USF Green and USF Gray are used on a black background, use slightly lighter colors as specified at left. USF Yellow remains unaltered.

Secondary Identify Colors
Black or white may be used when the primary identity colors are not available.

PMS Coated and Uncoated Colors
Because of the way ink sits on or soaks into different papers, use PMS Coated colors for printing on coated paper, use PMS Uncoated colors for printing on uncoated paper. Note the coated and uncoated numbers are different.

CMYK Reproduction
Since differences in substrate and process can affect color, the CMYK equivalents provided at left are guidelines only and should not be considered to provide an exact match. To ensure consistent results, always proof carefully against the PANTONE Coated Color Standard.

Note: Colors shown throughout this manual are for demonstration purposes only. For accurate color standards, refer to the current edition of the PANTONE Color Formula Guide.