Upper left is the primary university logo with tagline in three colors. This is the only logo allowed to appear on university letterhead. No variations are allowed.

Upper right column is the information block.
Line 1—School or division name as applicable
Line 2—Center, institute, department or program name as applicable Line 3—Street address 
Line 4—City, state, zip
Lines 5 thru 8—Contact information as needed, may include office phone, mobile phone, fax, email, or social media addresses. Eight lines of information is the maximum. Maximum characters per line is 28.

If personalized letterhead is desired, the person’s name appears on line one followed by school name on line two and so on.

Letter content is in a flush-left format. Starting with the date, the letter should begin 2" from the top of the sheet and 1.25" from the left side of the sheet. The right margin should be set to 1.25" and the copy should not extend past that point. The letter should not extend past 1.25" from the bottom.

The recommended font for correspondence is Garamond Premier Pro. If Garamond is not available Times New Roman is allowable. Font size is 11 point type on 16 points of leading. For the second sheet, the top margin should still start 2" from the top of the sheet.

All stationery orders must go through Purchasing and Ancillary Services. For more information or to place your order email purchasing@usfca.edu or call x5898.