Logos with Unit Distinction

There are unique logos for five schools and five branch campuses. There are vertical and horizontal lock-ups for both the full name and the monogram versions.

Schools and Colleges

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Management
  • School of Nursing and Health Professions
  • School of Education
  • School of Law

Branch Campuses

  • Downtown
  • Pleasanton
  • Sacramento 
  • San Jose
  • Santa Rosa

Off-Site Locations

  • Presidio
  • Embarcadero
  • Orange

When a logo is used with a school or campus distinction, the tagline is not used as part of the logo. Place the tagline independent of the logo.

All Logos with unit distinction are available as 3-color logo—USF Green, USF Yellow, and USF Gray; 2-color logo—USF Green and USF Yellow; or one-color logo—black and white.

To request a logo with unit distinction, contact the Office of Marketing Communications, branding@usfca.edu

Unit Identification

  • All schools, colleges, centers, institutes, divisions, and programs who require specific identification will have their unit distinction appear as a title under the university’s name in the official university logo.
  • Previously used separate graphic marks were retired as of August 2011.
  • An independent secondary graphic mark for a school, college, center, institute, division, or program is not allowed.

Primary Logos with Unit Distinction

  • The full name university logo is the primary logo that is always used as the official graphic identity of academic departments, centers, institutes, programs, and administrative units.

Logos with unit distinction are available by request. Vertical, 1-line horizontal, 2-line horizontal, and centered logo styles for both the full name and the monogram versions can be made. Contact Office of Marketing Communications, branding@usfca.edu, to place your request.

Not permitted

  • The creation of a separate graphic mark, tagline, or other enhancement to the university’s identity is not permitted.
  • No other wordmark or symbol can be used that competes with or detracts from the university’s logo.
  • No other visual element can be placed next to the university’s logo that creates the illusion of a different USF logo.