In order for the university brand to “speak with one voice,” the USF brand identity extends into sub-brands in very limited use cases. While sharing the same mission yet having distinctive personalities, USF sub-brands are prominently linked to the university’s core brand while requiring differentiation as they provide significantly distinctive applications for their specific areas of influence.

Currently, the university maintains two sub-brands: USF Athletics Identity and the University Seal.

The University of San Francisco has a proud history of athletic success with its NCAA championships in soccer (5), basketball (2), and tennis (1), plus an NIT basketball championship. To reflect the competitive spirit of USF athletics, the university maintains an athletics identity system sub-brand for its sports endeavors.

Athletic marks are reserved for athletic-related materials only.

The set is comprised of the primary mark with two alternate variations, and a ligature mark. There is a wide variety of color variations depending on the color of the background.

The USF Athletics colors are the same as the general university colors:
PMS 1235 Yellow
PMS 554 Green
PMS Cool Gray 9

The Athletics logo is to be used on athletics materials only. The general university and all academic units use the university logos.

For further information regarding use of the Athletics marks, please contact

The University of San Francisco Athletic marks are reserved for athletic-related materials only.

Academic schools, centers, departments, and programs must use the university logo, not the athletics mark. 

The oldest symbol of the university, the university seal, in its various iterations, was used as USF’s official logo from 1911 until 1994. It was replaced in 1994 by a separate USF logo for all general uses. 

The seal is still very much an integral part of the university’s iconography but is now limited in use to special executive applications such as official university documents like diplomas and certificates, special awards, and perpetual trophies or plaques as directed by the president's office. 

The university seal should not be used in print or electronic applications and is not available to download. 

For further information regarding use of the university seal, please contact