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Student Feedback

Posted by Jim Uomini on Oct 9, 2014 (Basecamp)

Hi, I've received the following responses from students and will add more as they come in:

The website in general looks and works fine for me.  I like the formatting and I don't really see anywhere that needs significant changes.  The only thing, as far as preferences goes, is the home screen picture and links aren't centered.  It makes it a little awkward, so maybe that should be centered. - Brianna Foster

I think it would be easier for student if we categorize the "quick links" on the left we have right now. So it would be easier for new user to find and figure out "personal software purchases", "dreamspark ", and etc. - Bo Pang

It's pretty useful the way it is, if it was more mobile friendly that might be nice. -Carson Samuel

For the private USF site, it would be helpful to view a course catalog (or a link to it) links to the different majors' website, a log in for USF connect, link to library database, and maybe widgets that display SF weather and muni times. A calendar of events would be cool to, and maybe links to student organizations. For the student tab, if there was a calendar somewhere that listed your classes for the week right on the homepage, that would be helpful. Also I mainly use the employee tab, and registration links. It would also be nice if there was a list of your professors or something on the page with contact information (at least email). -Nigel Duniven

In the private (intranet) site I would be interested in seeing more information about joining clubs and various activities on campus, and also study abroad opportunities available for students. For the student tab in USF Connect I would also like to see information on activities going on around campus, and ways to get involved with the University. - Kortnet Hodoh

If I wanted to revise the USF Connect site into the ultimate useful site for students at the university these are the comments I would have
  • An ideal setup for USF Connect for students would be a single main page with the following listings in some form: DonsApps, Canvas, Student Self-Service, and View & Pay.
  • So many links and buttons, way too much, needs a much cleaner look.
  • Most of the things added to the site are excess, most of the links that are not included in the first bullet point are links that belong on departments own pages. Like the My Career Plan tab should really belong on the Career Services Center page because the My Career Plan really contains nothing that is individualized for the specific student who is logged in.
  • Almost all of the Learning Technologies Tab is of questionable usefulness for students, Canvas (and Blackboard before it) is the only link I ever use on the page. Really, you could scrap the whole Learning Technologies tab and put the Canvas link on the student tab with no loss in functionality as far students are concerned
  • I'm not sure what the function of the My Connection tab is, it looks nice with the pictures, but contains nothing of use to students, mandating another click to get to any useful links
  • 90+% of the events shown in the Events views are inapplicable to students because they include Administrative meetings, Department meetings, etc If Events is kept on USF Connect it should be tailored by the user's status. I.e. Faculty members see events that pertain to faculty members and students see events that pertain to students
  • The USF Calendar should be more akin to a Google Calendar, also make it easy for students to copy events from the main calendar into their DonsApps calendar
  • Resigning DonsApps up into the top corner with a tiny icon does it a disservice as I'd venture to say it's the most used part of USF Connect for students
  • Overall, 90+% of the content could be cut from USF Connect with no loss of functionality to students and would make the site more efficient for student use - Thomas Bird

  • In terms of content for the private site, it would be helpful to have the following,
    - Curriculum information
    - Info on student life
    - Tutorials on accessing school resources
    - Current events

    For student tab in USFconnect, something that would be very useful would be the ease of access to the academic add and drop form online. - Ssu-Chieh (Esther) Lu

    I think an intranet page containing all of the relevant info re: what majors, programs, activities, etc. are offered would be helpful. Perhaps more detailed contact info (kind of like that in the faculty/staff directory) could be posted too. In the student tab, I'd like to see more links to things like Canvas and intranet sites - that would make it easier to navigate. - Andy Chan