Advocates for Community Engagement (ACE) Community Partner Re-application Form 2016-2017

Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 9th by 6 p.m.

Organization: *Website: *Address: *Contact Person and Title: *Phone: *Fax: *Email: *

Thank you for applying to host one of our Advocates for Community Engagement!
Please provide thorough and thoughtful answers to each question (at least one paragraph).

1. Describe the responsibilities of your current ACE and his/her effect on your organization’s capacity to host service-learners. *2. Do you feel that your ACE partnership has been successful? Why or why not? *3. How might an ACE further assist you in providing quality service experiences at your organization? *4. Please comment on the quality of supervision and support that you and your colleagues provided to the ACE during the academic year. If you have ideas about modifying this approach, please explain. *5. What opportunities will you provide for ongoing or expanded professional development for your ACE (assigned readings, invitations to meetings or activities, etc.)? *6. How many USF service-learners do you work with each semester? With which professors/courses have you partnered? *7. What additional courses would be a good match for your organization? *Please list your availability during the week of 3/7-3/11 for a phone conversation or in-person interview, if necessary? *