Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine which organizations are ACE host organizations?

The host organizations for the ACE program are organizations that have participated in the Leo T. McCarthy Center’s Community Partner Service-Learning Seminar. This seminar is offered twice a year to give community partners the tools to be effective co-educators in a service-learning experience. After partners participate, they can apply to host an ACE for the upcoming year. We select ACE host sites from the applicants we receive.

If I’m hired as an ACE, do I get to pick my own host organization?

We do try to give ACE finalists a sense of the organizations that will need ACEs. We also ask you to share the social issues you are passionate about, the skills you are bringing, and the knowledge you would like to gain. Ultimately, Leo T. McCarthy Center staff aligns those factors with the needs of the organization and the supervisor’s style to determine the best fit for ACEs and ACE host sites.

Should I still apply for the program even though I’m only available for one semester and not the whole year?

Yes, please still apply for the program but be sure to indicate which semester you will be gone. Sometimes we have current ACEs who plan to study abroad or graduate in December, so you may still be eligible.