Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in the Privett Global Service-Learning Program if I cannot take all of the courses associated with it?
No, you are not eligible for the program if you’re unable to complete the spring, summer, and fall courses. These courses are integral to the learning and reflection components of the program and of service-learning. If you’re unable to take the courses, we encourage you to look at Foundation for Sustainable Development’s website to determine whether you could join one of their programs outside of USF.

I’m worried about having enough room in my schedule. Can I take the classes for no credit?
No, you are not eligible for the program unless you can sign up for the courses. This is to ensure that your work receives proper credit during the semester.

Do I get to choose my host organization?
Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) will connect you with an appropriate host organization based on the interest areas you select in your application.

Can I apply for more than one country?
No, you are not able to apply for more than one country. It is important to the selection committee that students are able to articulate why they desire to work and live in one particular country, what aspects of that country and culture resonate with them, and why they feel they are a fit for that country.

Do I need to know the languages spoken?
If you are traveling to Bolivia, conversational Spanish skills are required. Remember, if you’re accepted to the program, you will have another semester to continue developing those skills. If you’re traveling to India, you do not need to be able to speak the language.

What paperwork do I need to complete if I’m accepted into the program?
If you’re accepted in the Privett Global Service-Learning Program, the majority of your paperwork will have already been filled out through your application. You will, however, also need to fill out the forms required of the Center for Global Education.