What We Do

What Does the Office of Contracts and Grants Do?

  • Register faculty in SPIN-database to look for new grant opportunities
  • Review proposal guidelines with you
  • Contact funding agencies for information
  • Provide information to demonstrate institutional capability to the funding agency
  • Develop budgets in the format required by the funding agency
  • Review and explain agency required forms
  • Liaise between USF and partnering institutions/organizations to obtain and/or provide required documents for a proposal
  • Upload your proposal into grants.gov or other agency portals
  • Conduct a final review of your proposal for compliance, adherence to agency and University guidelines and budget accuracy
  • Submit your proposal and confirm receipt
  • Prepare subawards for partner institutions
  • Authorize proposals and negotiate awards on behalf of USF
  • Submit financial and program reports to funders
  • Revise grant budgets and request extensions to grants from funders


All proposals must be uploaded online or submitted to OCG at least 5 work days prior to the deadline of the funding agency. Because most proposals are submitted online, it may take up to 24 hours to receive confirmation of the submission from the agency or funder.

Please contact the Office of Contracts and Grants if you are interested in preparing a proposal for submission.  We look forward to working with you!

Karina Fantillo, Contracts and Grants Administrator, kgfantillo@usfca.edu

Hilda Pascal, Contracts and Grants Administrator, hpaschal@usfca.edu