USF Copiers, Printing and Duplicating Services

Multi-Functional Printers(MFP)

The University's campus wide copy/print program provides multiple (124) high quality multifunctional (MFP) devices that can be used as a copier, printer, scanner and fax machine. Through our partnership with MRC Xerox, the program provides secure devices that can be shared by all university users with an active USF ID card or an active Copy Card. 

This self-service copy/print program was created to provide a maximum level of service at a low cost by combining the copy/print usage of the entire university community to include students, faculty members, staff members, select affiliates and guests.  Price per impression includes service, maintenance, and consumables including toner and paper. As a result, the cost per impression charge is a competitive rate for patrons, that still allows the program to be financially self-supporting. Please see the following updated pricelist.

Find MFP Print Drivers and Mobile Apps in the accordion section below.

Printing and Duplicating Services

Contact or call 415.422.5898.

MFP Print Drivers & Mobile Apps

To print your files to a MFP device, you will need the correct Pharos print driver. There are 3 types of drivers.  Please see below to find which driver is right for you:

(1) Pharos Challenge Driver Versions

User type: student, faculty/staff printing on a personal computer, student employees, guests/affiliates, USF public computers such as libraries and labs
MFP type:  public use MFP and department dedicated MFP 

The Pharos Challenge print driver will require you to authenticate with a username and password every time you send a file to print.  After successful installation, please restart your computer. 

Pharos Print Drivers
Mac OSX (10.7 and above)
Mac OSX (10.6)
Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit (x86)
Windows XP/Vista/7/10 64-bit (x64)


Mobile Print Applications
Mobile Print iOS Instructions
Mobile Print Android Instructions

All software is installed at your own risk. Due to the wide variety of computer settings and configurations, we cannot guarantee that remote printing will work on all computers.

(2) Pharos Pass-through Driver Version

User type:  faculty/staff printing on an assigned USF owned computer 
MFP type:  public use MFP and department dedicated MFP 
The Pass-through print driver allows faculty/staff to skip the authentication process (username/password) on your assigned USF-owned computer with an active USF Domain. ITS should install the correct driver on your device.  If the print driver is missing from your machine, please contact ITS Help Desk at or 415-422-6668. 

(3) Pharos Direct Print Version (optional)

User type: faculty/staff printing on an assigned USF owned computer 
MFP type: department dedicated MFP
Faculty and staff may request a Direct print driver. This driver provides the option to send a print job to a department dedicated device for automatic release. Therefore, a faculty/staff member has the option to skip swiping his/her USF One Card prior to picking up a print job. 

Users with 1 assigned FOAP - your print job will automatically be printed at the selected department MFP.  
Users with multiple FOAP’s - you will be asked to select the FOAP to charge on your computer to release the print job to the device. 

To install the Direct print driver on your machine, please contact ITS Help Desk at 415-422-6668 or and provide your department MFP's device ID number (located at the front of the device). This print driver is only available to faculty and staff on your assigned USF-owned computer with an active USF Domain.

Need help?
For further assistance with installing Pharos software contact the ITS help desk at 415-422-6668 or