Residence Halls

There are a total of ten residence halls at USF located both on campus and in the surrounding area. They each offer a unique way to connect with the university.

Fromm Hall

Fromm is an all-women's residence hall. This community houses approximately 200 first and year women. It also traditionally houses a large number of international students.  Fromm Hall is a mixed-use building. The parish offices of the Saint Ignatius church as well as meeting events spaces and the parish kitchen are housed on the first floor.  The Fromm Institute is also housed here.  X-Arts is located in the basement level.  The Residence Director in Fromm supervises eight resident advisors and one graduate intern.

Gillson Hall

Gillson houses approximately 375 first-year students in double and triple rooms across eight floors.  The Residence Director supervises 15 resident advisors and one graduate intern.  Gillson provides a stable and supportive environment for the transition to college life through programs, leadership opportunities, and individualized attention to meet the specific needs of new students at USF.  It is also home to the Martín-Baró Scholars community and a Gender Inclusive floor.

Hayes-Healy Hall

This hall is home to approximately 400 first-year students. Additionally, the Muscat Scholars Program, a multidisciplinary living-learning community, resides here.  The Residence Director supervises 16 resident advisors and a graduate intern.  Hayes-Healy Hall has two large lounges which are excellent locations for supportive first-year programs.

Lone Mountain Hall

Lone Mountain is located one block north of the main campus in a charming and historic facility and houses mostly first-year students as well as the Saint Ignatius Living Learning Community. This residence hall houses approximately 300 students, has physical singles as well as doubles and triples and was completely remodeled in 2007. The Residence Director in Lone Mountain supervises ten resident advisors and a graduate intern.  

Pedro Arrupe Hall

This hall is an off-campus traditional residence hall located one mile west of the main campus. With easy access to several bus lines, Pedro Arrupe Hall is immersed in the vibrant Richmond District and is two blocks from Clement Street's restaurants, shops, and coffee houses. This hall houses approximately 100 upper-division and graduate students and boasts a strong international student population. Residents of this hall are not required to purchase a meal plan. The Pedro Arrupe Residence Director supervises six resident advisors (4 in Pedro and 2 in PacWing) and a graduate intern.  

Toler Hall

This building is USF's oldest, largest, and most centrally located hall. Renovated in 2013, this co-ed hall houses approximately 500 sophomore students and provides diverse living options. Students may choose coed floors and join living-learning communities such as the Erasmus community and Esther Madriz Diversity Scholars Community. There is also a gender-inclusive floor.  The Residence Director supervises 14 resident advisors and a graduate intern.

Loyola Village

This residential facility provides a unique living experience for approximately 350 upper-class and graduate-level students. Our condominium-style housing offers the amenities that come with living on-campus plus some of the independence of living off-campus. Some units are designated as gender-inclusive.  Each unit has a living room and a full kitchen. The Residence Director supervises 8 resident advisors and a graduate intern.


Perched on the eastern edge of the Hilltop, Lone Mountain East is a new residence hall that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Headlands, and Farallon Islands. Its two buildings connected by an aerial walkway create four separate interior courtyards, offering Dons the experience of independent city living alongside the convenience of being on campus. It provides housing for approximately 600 residents, mostly second-year students. It is comprised of two distinct buildings (four floors and five floors, respectively) connected by an overhead bridgeway. It is a co-ed residence hall with same-gender apartment-style units.

St. Anne's

The St. Anne's residence consists of two floors housing approximately 45 students, most in single rooms. All rooms differ slightly in size but are within the parameters of a single. There is a central kitchen and a large lounge area. Each floor includes communal, co-ed bathrooms and laundry facilities.  St. Anne’s does not have a front desk. 

St. Anne's is located at 14th Avenue, between Irving and Judah, on the St. Anne of the Sunset Church and School site. It is 1.9 miles from campus, which is just a 35-min walk or a 20-minute bus ride away. This unique partnership with the parish opens two fully renovated floors of a St. Anne's building for exclusive use as USF law student housing, complete with a dedicated entrance. The residence is located in the Inner Sunset neighborhood, a vibrant community with shops and restaurants in immediate proximity. In order to avoid impacting neighborhood parking, students living at St. Anne's may not have a car for use or parking in the neighborhood. There is convenient public transportation available between the neighborhood and campus. 

Fulton House

Located on Fulton Street behind Toler Hall, Fulton House is the smallest living facility at USF and the home of graduate students enrolled in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program as well as other general graduate students. Consisting of a converted house and cottage, Fulton House offers students independent apartment-style living in the main house or cottage.