Compensation and Benefits


Compensation or Benefit $ Value Description
Beginning Salary $64,480 Annual salary value is as of January 1, 2023; USF complies with CA State minimum wage rates and increases for non-represented exempt staff
Apartment $30,000 Average Cost Per Year (CPY) of a 1 Bedroom in SF
Benefit Plan $7,490 Medical, Life, Dental, Vision, etc.
Retirement $5,824 10% from USF, 3+% from employee
Utilities $1,800 Average yearly cost in SF
Cable $720 Average yearly cost in SF
Internet $600 Average yearly cost in SF
Meal Plan $1,500 Per Year (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Gym Membership $725 Employees have full access to the gym
Tuition Remission --- 100% tuition remission after one year. Benefit varies by graduate courses vs. undergraduate courses.

For other staff benefits, please see the visit our Human Resource's Benefits Page.