Living On

The Residence Director (RD) position is a "live-in" position, however, this does not mean that the staff member is on-call 24-hours a day. It is expected that staff members are residing full-time in the on-campus apartment. Each RD in partial remuneration for services rendered.

Partner Policy

Current policy allows the staff member’s legal spouse, or same-sex registered domestic partner, and/or children to reside in the apartment during the tenure of employment.  Friends, significant others, or other relatives are not allowed to reside in the on-campus apartments. A residency agreement (available from a supervisor) must be completed upon hiring and again if spouses and registered domestic partners move into the space.

Storage Space for Professional Staff

Space limitations ordinarily prevent the storage of large amounts of household goods.  Staff members who need to store personal items or furniture should discuss possible arrangements with the Student Housing Associate Director for Facilities and Operations.  Accommodations may be provided but are not guaranteed.  The University cannot assume responsibility for items stored within the hall by staff members.


When entertaining guests, staff must be attentive to their responsibilities as role models and their responsibilities to be available and accessible to students and other staff.  While Office of Community Living staff are welcome to host overnight guests, extended or consistent overnight guests should be discussed with a supervisor in advance.
For reasons of building security and equity, it is not possible to approve requests to allow guests to stay in staff apartments during vacation periods when the staff member is not present.  

Meal Plans

All Residence Directors will be provided with a meal plan.  Although it is not expected that staff eat all of their meals in the cafeteria, it is encouraged that staff utilizes cafeteria dining as an opportunity to interact with staff and students on a regular, informal basis. Additional money will not be added to staff members' accounts if they run out of money prior to the semester’s end.   


The Office of Community Living does not provide on-campus parking to live-in staff, however, full-time staff are able to purchase a parking pass through Campus Parking.  You may also purchase a street parking permit from the city of San Francisco, renewed annually, for $152.