Student Disability Services Exam Accommodations FAQ

Below is a list of some questions that students have brought to us over the years, and hopefully some information on how to solve them. Contact us if you have questions!

I can't log in to SDS Online Services!

  • Solution 1: Reset your username/password. Password must have an uppercase letter and a number. If you continue to have problems, contact SDS.
  • Solution 2: Make sure that you are still up to date and eligible for services. Contact your specialist.

My class isn't listed when I go to sign up for the test!

  • Solution 1: Your professor still needs to fill out the Alternative Testing Contract”. Talk to your professor to make sure that they got the email. Tell them that they must click on the link in the red box to fill out the Testing Contract.
  • Solution 2: Make sure you requested testing accommodations for that class. Go to your Overview page in SDS Online Services and make sure that “Alternative Testing” has been checked for that class. If it isn’t, modify your accommodations to include Alternative Testing. Continue with step 2 (see previous page).

I can only choose “Midterm” (or “Final” or “Quiz”) and that’s not what I am taking.

  • Solution: Talk to your professor. See how long the class is getting for the exam. Once you have that information, sign up for the exam using whatever option is available (i.e. either midterm, quiz, etc. - just choose one). Then call our front desk staff and tell them how long the class is getting for that midterm, quiz, etc. They can change your request to the correct amount of time, and you will be all set.

I am taking an evening class (or weekend or early morning class) and SDS isn’t open when I need it.

  • First: Talk to your professor. See if they have any flexibility about when you can take the exam. If not, then ask the professor to proctor your accommodated exam. Please contact your specialist if you would like assistance.
  • If you can't work something out, SDS is available to proctor exams that take place outside our regular business hours. We ask that faculty and students request this service at least five business days in advance. If this will be an ongoing request all semester, please contact our office at the beginning of each semester to make proctoring arrangements.

I don't know any details of my exams. I don’t know how the exam is getting to SDS (is the professor sending it? Do I have to pick it up?) and I have a lot of other questions about it.

  • Solution: You can view the Alternative Testing Contract if you log in to the system and click “Alternative Testing”. Instead of scheduling an exam, click instead on “View Alternative Testing Detail”.