Registrar Staff

Robert L. Bromfield
Associate Dean & University Registrar
(415) 422-2786
Area of focus: Academic Calendar, FERPA, Policy, Planning

Program & Curriculum Management

Kevin Wilson
Senior Associate University Registrar & Director, Program & Curriculum Management
(415) 422-2964
Area of focus: Banner Security, Degree Programs, Catalog, Curriculum, Commencement

Alexander Archer
Assistant University Registrar, Course & Degree Audit
(415) 422-4283
Areas of focus: Catalog, Curriculum, Degree Works

Ashley Villarama
Manager, Transfer Credit Articulation
(415) 422-4924
Area of focus: Petition to Enroll at Another Institution (PEAI)

Degree Audit & Graduation Center

William Vitagliano
Associate University Registrar & Director, Degree Audit & Graduation Center
(415) 422-4532
Areas of focus: Graduate and Doctoral SONHP Students, Commencement

Julia Light
Degree Audit & Graduation Adviser
(415) 422-6830
Area of focus: Undergraduate CAS BS Students, SOE Students, Graduate SOM Students

Tina Lieu
Degree Audit & Graduation Adviser
(415) 422-2780
Area of focus: Undergraduate CAS and SOM BSM Students

Joe Sevillano
Degree Audit & Graduation Adviser
(415) 422-2798
Area of focus: Undergraduate SOM and Undergraduate SONHP Students

Susan Solomon
Senior Degree Audit & Graduation Adviser
(415) 422-2154
Area of focus: Undergraduate and Graduate CAS, and SOM MBA Students

Academic Services

Beth Forest
Associate University Registrar & Director, Academic Services
(415) 422-6169
Areas of focus: Student Information Systems, Academic Records, Registration Services

Lara Kleine
Assistant University Registrar
(415) 422-2789
Area of focus: Academic Records, Registration Services, Veterans Certification

Danielle Castillo
Verifications Coordinator
(415) 422-6716
Area of focus: Enrollment and degree verifications, Registration Services

Meghan Ortega
Manager Faculty & Student Services
(405) 422-5163
Area of focus: Teaching Effectiveness Surveys, Academic Records, Registration Services

Patricia Otero
Academic Services Representative Services
(405) 422-5658
Area of focus: Registration and Student Records Services

Robert Perea
Academic Scheduling Coordinator
(415) 422-6672
Area of focus: Classroom Scheduling, Academic Records, Registration Services

Theo Retos
Transcript Coordinator
(415) 422-2763
Area of focus: Transcripts, Registration Services