Application - Choosing a Medical School

Medical School Application

Choosing a medical school

Many factors should be considered when choosing medical schools such as residency restrictions, diversity and location of the school, curriculum, GPA & MCAT score, cost, and program options.

A few additional factors to consider when applying to a medical school:

  • Do you prefer a small or large school environment? Do you learn better in a big or small classroom?
  • What are the costs of attending and the type of financial aid that is available?
  • Is the school connected to a university or is it a free standing institution?
  • Which schools have a learning approach that emphasizes primary care, patient education, prevention, and preparation for community practice?
  • Consider the location of the school you want to attend.
  • What schools have a teaching approach that will work well for you?
  • A medical school will consider whether or not your interests and experiences match those of the medical school’s mission, philosophy or research/academic opportunities.
  • Do you want to receive a dual degree?
  • There are no official rankings of medical schools.