Medical School Application Costs

Medical School Application

Costs of Applying

Begin saving money as early as your first year in college. Below is a chart with actual and approximate fees that an applicant may spend on their application to medical school:

ITEM COST - 2012
(a) MCAT Test Actual: $240
(b) MCAT Preparation Course Approximate: $1,200
(c) Initial AMCAS Application Actual: $160
(d) Average # of school applied: 10-15 Actual: $33 per school
(e) Secondary/Supplementary Application Approximate Average: $100 per school
(f) Travel Costs to Attend Interviews Approximate: $2,500
Total Approximate Cost: $7,520

** For severe financial hardship, a Fee Assistance Program (FAP) is available. To learn more go here: