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First Year Students

2018-2019 Housing Guarantee Policy 

Incoming, first-year, full-time, undergraduate students at the University of San Francisco during the Fall semester are guaranteed housing for their first two semesters of enrollment if the following deadlines are met:

  1. Submit enrollment deposit for the Fall semester to University of San Francisco by May 1, 2018.

  2. Submit a completed housing application by May 10, 2018.

Students who miss the posted deadlines will be placed on a waitlist and assigned a space based on housing availability.

Exceptions to the housing guarantee:

  • Students who reach 21 years of age at any time before or within the academic year.

  • Students transferring from another institution of higher education.

  • Students who are 16 years of age or younger at the start of fall semester.

  • Students whose permanent address on file is within the boundaries of the city and county of San Francisco.

  • Students who defer enrollment to Spring semester of the same academic year.

Where exceptions exist, students can still apply for housing and will be assigned to housing, based upon availability, after the passing of the housing guarantee deadline.

Incoming Transfer Students

Incoming, transfer students at the University of San Francisco are not guaranteed housing. To be eligible for priority housing, transfer students must do the following: 

  1. Submit enrollment deposit for the Fall semester to University of San Francisco by June 1, 2018.* 

  2. Submit a completed housing application by June 10, 2018.

*Priority housing spaces for transfer students are extremely limited. We strongly recommend all incoming transfer students to seek support from Off Campus Student Services

Graduate Students

Graduate students are not guaranteed housing. Limited space is available for graduate students in the St. Anne's Community, the priority being Law School students. On campus housing space for graduate students is very limited, however, graduate students are still welcome to apply. 

Due to limited on campus housing availability, we strongly encourage graduate students to seek support from Off Campus Student Services

Resources for Future Students

Students applying for on-campus housing may refer to the documents below for more information on room selection, room rates, and more.

Housing and Contract Rates

  • Students applying for on-campus housing must submit a signed Housing Contract.
  • To access the Housing Contract Cancellation form, log into USFroomsReminder: Cancellation fee may apply based on cancellation policy. 
  • Residents who have signed a Housing Contract and who would like to cancel that contract must submit a Housing Contract Cancellation Form. 
  • Note: Contract Cancellations will not be granted during the last 30 days of residency.
  • Room Rates
    Click here to find out the most current USF room rates.

Meal Plan Reduction Requests

By signing a housing contract with the University of San Francisco, you are also committing to the purchase of a standard meal plan, unless you are housed in Loyola Village or Pedro Arrupe residence halls, where you have the option to purchase a meal plan.

Mandatory standard meal plans are only reduced in rare cases.  Students wishing to request a meal plan reduction may do so by the process below.  Your request must be based on either medical needs or dietary/cultural considerations. Please note that should a meal plan reduction be granted, it will not release you of any other obligations as agreed to in the housing contract.

To request a meal plan reduction:

  • First register your case and the reason for your request (medical or dietary/cultural) by e-mailing
  • Option 1:  If your request is based on a disability or disabling condition, you should simultaneously contact Student Disability Services (SDS) directly @ (415) 422-2613, or visit their webpage. An SDS specialist will ask you to provide documentation and work with you to determine if an accommodation is appropriate. If appropriate, SDS will communicate their decision to you and Bon Appetit. If approved, the accommodation will be granted.  If denied, a representative from Bon Appetit will meet with you to discuss how you can best utilize your meal plan given your needs.
  • Option 2:  If your request is dietary or culturally based, after you register, Bon Appétit will contact you to set up appointment to review your case. In advance of the meeting, please visit the Bon Appétit website to review the many menu options.  A Bon Appetit staff member will assist in designing a suitable menu program that fits your needs.
  • Appeals:   If you feel that your needs have not been met through this process or are not satisfied with the decision or solution offered, you can begin an appeal by re-registering your case at Specify that your request is an appeal and provide your concerns and any additional  information not previously submitted for the review. Your request will be reviewed by a Meal Plan Committee consisting of staff from Bon Appetit, Student Housing and Residential Education, and Student Disability Services as well as other University officials when appropriate. The committee will render a final decision that can not be appealed further.

Questions regarding this process can be addressed to