About the Program

Our Yoga as Healing USF ONLINE is a program taking place during the Fall and Spring semesters at USF.  Our YaH_usf series is designed to aid in the support and healing of those individuals who have experienced sexual violence​, gender bias, gender discrimination, and trauma. During each class, we will explore a designated theme ​interwoven with the ​physical​ ​ (asana) ​yoga practice. 

Classes will be offered through the Zoom platform. Information on Fall 2022 coming soon. 

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Our focus for YaH_online is to support and rebalance our nervous system due to an overabundance of stress, overwhelm, and/or experiences of trauma. By using a combination of mindful flow and restorative yoga practices with intentionally woven themes, we offer each participant a space for safety and a sense of ease and healing.

 These body-based practices are often referred to as Somatic Experiences or Somatic Healing.  

  • Trauma survivors who are uncomfortable with or express a lack of interest in talk therapy have flourished in art or movement-based formats (Holistic Healing Services for Survivors, Poore, T., Shulruff, T., & Bein, K., 2013).

Our Commitment:

  • We commit to view somatic healing as social justice and practical theory of change
  • We commit to healing practices as welcome space for all bodies, abilities,
  • race, gender
  • We commit to actively work in anti-racism and the shared knowledge of white supremacy in our society, culture, and systems
  • We commit to the knowledge and work to decolonize yoga
  • We commit to being survivor-centered
  • We commit to creating a space where safety is of highest value
  • We commit to speak with intention and allow space for others to speak
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