In Memoriam: Quentin "Q" Williams

We are saddened to inform our community about the sudden passing of Quentin "Q" Williams. Quentin, a graduate of USF's certificate in public leadership, died tragically in a car accident on the morning of January 5th, 2023. He served as the Connecticut State Representative for 100th District, which includes Middletown and Wesleyan University, since 2019 and was sworn in for his third term on January 4th, 2023.

His friends describe Quentin as someone filled with a passion for life:

From his close friend, classmate, and fellow elected official Tyron Harris: 
"He was such an embodiment of life, Q was my dear friend and beloved brother of Alpha and I am scarred by his sudden loss. Our Brother Williams was an amazing human being. His infectious smile could instantly make you feel loved."

From Alex Cornell du Houx, former USF classmate and Public Leadership Certificate Program Director: 

Representative Williams had an inspiring dedication and passion for learning and serving his community. His electric smile was a source of encouragement and lit up the classroom with energy and optimism. 

Quentin is survived by his wife, Carrissa Williams.

Our prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to Quentin's family and friends.