Koret Center Basketball Reopened

The Recreational Sports Department is excited to announce that the basketball courts in Swig and Hagan Gymnasiums will reopen for recreational activities (no reservations required) effective Monday, 10/4. Despite recent challenges related to the mask mandate, we remain committed to finding solutions that will allow students (and other stakeholders) who find basketball critical to their physical, mental and emotional well-being to have access to recreational opportunities at Koret.

Please read the following policies and protocols effective Monday, 10/4/2021:

  • NO full court basketball games in Swig and Hagan Gyms (except intramural leagues).
  • Limit 3 on 3 per hoop (except intramural leagues).
  • When visiting the Koret Health and Recreation Center, please be mindful of proper face covering positioning at all times (includes facility entry and exit).
  • Face covering required (must cover mouth and nose) unless actively hydrating.
  • It is the responsibility of each individual to modify their workout in order to remain safe while working out in a face covering (over mouth and nose). The safety of the community must override the comfort and convenience of any individual.
  • Full court play will resume when the mask mandate is lifted by SFDPH and USF campus buildings.

SAFETY REMINDERS: lower intensity, take frequent breaks, stay hydrated and consider outdoor options.

  • Student and non-student staff members from the Recreational Sports Department at the Koret Health and Recreation Center do not have the authority to negotiate on behalf of the University of San Francisco, nor do we have the authority to override decisions made by General Counsel, Human Resources and Public Safety. As a department and campus building at the University of San Francisco, we must obey and observe all health and safety guidance set forth by university leadership. As an indoor gym in the city of San Francisco, we must remain in compliance with all SFDPH health orders.
  • Failure to comply with the current SFDPH health order will result in verbal warning, written warning or facility suspension.
  • During rounds, building supervisors and workout floor attendants will give a verbal, visual (sign) or auditory (whistle or bell) notification if anyone on the court is not wearing a face covering in compliance with the current SFDPH health order. Please be attentive, responsive and respectful of such notifications.
  • Equipment checkout will return to the Front Desk (counter just inside facility entrance). USF One Card/Mobile One Card or Koret ID required for equipment checkout and return.
  • All equipment on loan must be returned by 9:45pm (weekdays) or 7:45pm (weekends) or the borrower is subject to an equipment replacement fee.

REMINDER: Swig Gym and Hagan Gym close 15 min. before facility closing (please plan your workout and exit accordingly). *This does not impact Intramurals, Club Sports or Special Events.

Please visit our website for updates on facility hours, policies, programs, and available areas/services.