Arthur Furst Research Awards

Portrait of Arthur Furst from shoulders upArthur Furst (1914-2005), Distinguished University Professor Emeritus at the University of San Francisco and Founding Member Emeritus of the NeoLife Scientific Advisory Board, is internationally regarded as a pioneer in toxicology and cancer research and was one of the first scientists in the world to develop an effective oral chemotherapy drug to fight cancer. Born in Minneapolis, Dr. Furst earned his A.B. in Chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1937 and his M.A. in Chemistry in 1940. He then earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Stanford University in 1948. In 1983, he received a D.Sc (Honoris Causa) in Toxicology from USF. 

Dr. Furst joined the USF Faculty in 1947 as an Assistant Professor, and retired from the University in 1981. During his tenure at USF, he founded and directed the Institute of Chemical Biology in 1961 and served for four years as a Dean of the Graduate Division. In addition, Dr. Furst taught at San Francisco City College, the University of California at Berkeley, and San Francisco State College. He was a pivotal member of the faculty for the emerging cancer research program at Stanford University School of Medicine, where he was involved in founding the Stanford Cancer Chemotherapy Laboratory. 

Dr. Furst was also a Senior Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for 25 years for NeoLife, an international nutrition company which is committed to the use of superior quality nutritional supplements to "make the world a healthier and happier place." The company cites Dr. Furst's research discoveries as the foundation for many of their products.

Dr. Furst authored more than 300 articles and several books, was a member of 17 professional societies and a Fellow of 6, and a lifetime member of several professional honors societies. He endowed multiple awards, scholarships, and funds for students. Two research awards have been established at USF to recognize achievements in research by faculty, alumni, and undergraduate students. The Arthur Furst Award honors a member of the sciences faculty or alumni for outstanding research for the betterment of humanity, and the Arthur Furst Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate science major who demonstrates outstanding academic ability and a strong desire to pursue research.

Portrait of Arthur Furst from shoulders up, holding glasses
Dr. Arthur Furst, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus at the University of San Francisco


Man standing at a podium giving a lecture which reads UCLA
Dr. Furst at UCLA, 1992


Black & white photograph of three men wearing suits, man in the middle wears a mortarboard and holds a diploma in his hand
Arthur Furst at the University of California, Los Angeles, 1937


Three men in white lab coats in a lab, man in the middle is holding a vial of an unknown substance
Dr. Furst and colleagues conducting research in the laboratory


Man standing at a podium giving a lecture, appears to be at the front of a college classroom
Dr. Furst giving a lecture in the classroom


Smiling man standing in front of the Great Wall of China, surrounded by tour group
Dr. Furst at the Great Wall of China 


Man in white labcoat using a microscope at a laboratory bench
Dr. Furst conducting research in the laboratory


A woman and a man standing next to each other on a sidewalk, smiling
Dr. Furst and his wife, Florence


Two individuals in white lab coats holding a beaker, conducting laboratory research
Dr. Furst and a colleague conducting research in the Picket lab