Arthur Furst Award for Faculty and Alumni

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The Arthur Furst Award honors a member of the sciences faculty or alumni for outstanding research for the betterment of humanity. Established by Dr. Furst in 1990, this award has been presented to 31 USF faculty members and alumni across the science disciplines. This award comes with a $1,000 prize and is presented at an annual ceremony, during which the award recipient has the opportunity to present their work. 

All current faculty and USF alumni in the sciences are eligible for the Arthur Furst Award. Nominations are submitted by current USF faculty and awardees are selected by the Associate Dean of Sciences and Engineering. To submit a nomination, please look out for an invitation from the Associate Dean of Sciences & Engineering during the Fall semester. 

The following individuals have been awarded the Arthur Furst Award:

2023 – Dr. John Sullivan (Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor Emeritus, Biology)
2022 – Dr. Fred Angulo (Alumnus Class of 1978, B.S. Biology, and 1979, M.S. Biology)
2021 – no award issued
2020 – Dr. William Karney (Professor, Chemistry) and Dr. Claire Castro (Professor, Chemistry)
2019 – Dr. Elicia Penuel (Alumnus, Class of 1990, B.S. Biology)
2018 – Dr. Aparna Venkatesan (Professor, Physics and Astronomy)
2017 – Dr. Patricia R. Castillo (Alumnus, Class of 2005, Biology) 
2016 – Dr. Gretchen Coffman (Associate Professor, Environmental Science)
2015 – Dr. Giovanni Meloni (Professor, Chemistry)
2014 – Dr. David Wolber (Professor, Computer Science)
2013 – Emmet Keeffe (Alumnus)
2012 – Dr. Frank L. Meyskens (Alumnus, Class of 1967, B.S. Biology)
2011 – Dr. Christina Tzagarakis-Foster (Professor, Biology; Alumnus, Class of 1990, B.S. Biology)
2010 – Dr. Kanani K.M. Lee (Alumnus, Class of 1999, Physics)
2009 – Dr. Juliet Spencer (Professor, Biology)
2008 – Dr. Margaret Jean McFall-Ngai (Alumnus, Class of 1973, B.S. Biology)
2007 – Dr. John Callaway (Professor, Environmental Science)
2006 – Art Furst Appreciation (no award issued)
2005 – Anna Fan (Alumnus)
2004 – Dr. Brandon Brown (Professor, Physics & Astronomy)
2003 – Dr. Mark C. Glassy (Alumnus, Class of 1974, B.S. Chemistry)
2002 – No award issued
2001 – Dr. Horacio Camblong (Professor, Physics & Astronomy)
2000 – Dr. Carol Chihara (Professor, Biology)
1999 – Dr. Paul K. Chien (Professor, Biology)
1998 – Dr. R. James Brown (Professor, Biology and Environmental Science)
1997 – Dr. Luis F. Baptista (Alumnus, B.S. and M.S. Biology)
1996 – Dr. Robert Seiwald (Professor, Chemistry)
1995 – Dr. Edward Biglieri (Alumnus, B.S.)
1994 – Dr. Loren P. Meissner (Professor, Computer Science)
1993 – Dr. Deneb Karentz (Professor, Biology and Environmental Science)
1992 – Dr. Theodore Jones (Professor, Chemistry)
1991 – Dr. Thomas J. Zavortink (Professory, Biology)
1990 – Eugene V. Benton (Professor, Physics & Astronomy)

Man standing beside a screen on which a scientific diagram is displayed
Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor Emeritus Dr. John Sullivan presenting his work on Schistosomiasis, at the 2023 Arthur Furst Award Ceremony


Two people smiling at the camera and holding an award placard
Elicia Penuel, USF Biology Class of 1990, receiving Arthur Furst Award from Associate Dean Christina Tzagarakis-Foster, 2019