Information for CARD Applicants

CARD 2024 Important Dates

Sunday, March 24th, 11:59pm: Applications DUE!
Friday, April 5th: Application Decisions Sent Out
                           Sunday, April 21, 11:59pm: Final Versions of Posters DUE (if being printed on campus) 
Friday, May 3rd: CARD 2024

An abstract is a short summary (100 - 300 words) or description of scholarly or creative work that conveys the purpose, significance, and outcomes of your work. A well-written abstract  should contain the following components:

  1. An introduction that outlines the motivation or rationale for the project, the central question you are trying to answer, or the problem you are trying to address.
  2. A summary of the methods you used in the project
  3. Your main findings or results and their significance
  4. A conclusion

This year, we will review CARD abstracts based on the criteria above. Failure to meet these criteria may result in denial of your application to present at CARD. Please keep your abstracts between 100 - 300 words, and see below for some additional resources that may be helpful as you write your abstract:

USF Writing Center

"Writing an Abstract for Your Research Paper" - UW Madison Writing Center

"How to Write an Abstract | Steps & Examples" - Scribbr

Gleeson Library Research Guides

  • Posters should be 36" tall and no more than 48" wide. For your poster to print properly, one dimension must be 36". 
  • In order to conserve ink, we will not be able to print posters with a colored background or large blocks of color. Please make sure your poster background is white and use color sparingly. 

  • Please check your spelling and grammar; we are not able to print a corrected version of your poster if you turn in a file with mistakes. Posters will only be printed once. 

  • Please use the following format for naming your files: LastName_FirstName_AbbreviatedPosterTitle

  • Posters must be submitted as PDF files. Please make sure that your formatting is not affected by downloading your poster to PDF.