Courses: Transfer Year Seminars

Select Transfer-Year Seminars - covering Core Areas such as A2 Rhetoric and Composition, C1 Literature, D1 Philosophy, or D3 Ethics - are offered every Fall semester for incoming Transfer students.  In Spring semesters, only RHET 295 courses are offered for those Transfer students new to USF or those, typically in their second semester, who may still be in need of their Core A2 requirement.

Questions can be addressed to the Associate Dean for Arts & Humanities, Jeffrey Paris.


Fall 2022

Core A2 - Rhetoric and Composition

RHET 295-02 New Media / You Media

CRN # 40090
Leigh Meredith
 Tue. & Thu. 2:40–4:25 p.m.

Do you change how you write when you switch from the pencil to the pixel, from the page to the screen? Do you feel like an “author” when you post on Facebook? When you  retweet? Are you reader or a writer on Tumblr, Reddit, or Snapchat? What is your role in social media: are you a producer or a consumer of text? Or are you a “produser”? These  are the questions we will take up in this seminar as we try out a range of electronic writing tools and explore the role of digital spaces for writing and reading (in San Francisco/the Bay Area and around the world). These experiences will be supported by reading books and websites that help us critique and analyze digital rhetoric and notions of what it means to “be a writer” in the Web 2.0 era.

Core D1 - Philosophy

PHIL 295-01 Lovers of Wisdom

CRN # 40981
Michael Torre
Mon., Wed., & Fri. 9:15-10:30 a.m.

Literally, philosophy means the love of wisdom. So, philosophy is about our desire for knowledge, like wisdom. What is wisdom? Who is wise? Does wisdom make us happy? Is ignorance bliss? Why pursue wisdom? Wanting wisdom, yet not sure of what it is, we will ask these and other questions: does suffering lead to wisdom? does wisdom comfort the wise person? does the wise person comfort others? are science and technology wisdom? do they require wisdom to be used well? how does your USF education fit into a search for wisdom? is wisdom worth pursuing? We will ask these questions relying on Socrates, Confucius, Descartes, and the French existentialist Simone Weil; by reading the Tao Te Ching and novels such as Brave New World; by watching movies like The Matrix and Gattaca. We will also visit the San Francisco Asian Art Museum to see fascinating ancient objects related to Confucianism. [Cross listed with PHIL 195-01 #42601.]