MA in International Studies Language Requirement

Language skill is critical for success in the field of international studies. By the completion of the MAIS Program, students are required to show proficiency in a non-English language at intermediate level two (fourth-semester language course at USF), either through previous undergraduate coursework, by passing a language exam at USF, or by completing a fourth-semester language course.

Foreign Nationals

If you studied up to high school (through eighth grade) in another country where a language other than English is spoken and have transcripts or documentation from the classes you took, you automatically test out of the fourth-semester language requirement and do not need to take any additional language classes.

You do, however, need to produce the necessary documentation so that the language requirement can be officially waived. If the requisite transcripts were not included in your initial application to the graduate program, please deliver them to the department office in KA 213.

Placement Exam

French, Chinese, German, Tagalog, Japanese, and Spanish tests are available online at WebTrack.

Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, and Russian must be taken on-campus. Please contact the Program Assistant in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at (415) 422-2802 to make arrangements.

If the placement test evidences that your language level is beyond the fourth semester level at USF, you will need to schedule an appointment for an in-person written and oral evaluation of your language abilities. The evaluation should take around 20-25 minutes. An email from the evaluating faculty member to the Graduate Director or Department Chair will evidence that you have satisfied the MAIS language requirement.

Fourth Semester Language Course

Non-native speakers of a language other than English may satisfy the language requirement by passing a fourth-semester language course with a 70% or above. If the student completed this coursework at another institution prior to enrolling in the graduate program, this should be evidenced on university transcripts in one’s initial application to the graduate program. Please contact the department office to confirm the requisite information is indicated on the transcripts.

If you have not taken previous undergraduate language coursework through the fourth-semester level, you may enroll in courses at USF or another regionally accredited institution. Visit Student Enrollment Services class schedules.

Other Institutions Offering Language Classes

Prior to enrolling, contact the department office to confirm that the fourth-semester course you plan to take is the equivalent of a fourth-semester language course at USF.