Modern and Classical Languages

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages (MCL) emphasizes the use of language as a critical tool to help broaden students' awareness of the similarities and differences between cultures while sharpening their appreciation for the nuances of their own native language.

Foreign Language Requirement

We offer a diverse range of courses that satisfy USF’s foreign language requirement.

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Courses to Fulfill Language Requirement

Waiver Request

If you are a native speaker of a foreign language, or have extensive experience with a language other than English language, you may apply for a waiver by completing the Online Waiver Request Form once you complete a foreign language placement exam in a language we teach (Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Japanese and Spanish) on webtrack. If the language is not offered at USF, this step is not necessary.

Extra Academic Support

MCL’s Language and Culture Center (LCC) and tutoring programs offer students the extra academic support they need outside of the classroom. And our Center for Global Education opportunities give students the chance to test their skills overseas.

Writing Centers

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