Panels and Videos

Roundtable 1: Jesuit History, Mission, and Identity

Moderated by Mary Wardell-Ghirarduzzi, Vice Provost for Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach, USF


  • Paul Shore, University of Regina
  • Daniel Madigan, S.J., Georgetown University
  • Patrick Ryan, S.J., Fordham University
  • John Borelli, Georgetown University

What is the history of Jesuit interactions with Islam? How is the Jesuit Catholic mission of our colleges and universities evolving as a result of those interactions—as the study of Islam, Islamic studies course offerings, and Muslim presence grow on our campuses? What does such openness to Islam and Muslims mean for the Catholic Jesuit identity of our institutions?

Roundtable 2: Comparative Theology

Moderated by Mike Duffy, Director, McGrath Institute for Jesuit Catholic Education, USF


  • Jack Renard, St. Louis University
  • Irfan Omar, Marquette University
  • Umeyye Isra Yazicioglu, St. Joseph’s University
  • Yvonne Haddad, Georgetown University

How are Christian-Muslim encounters in Jesuit settings transforming the theologies of both groups? What kinds of comparative theological work are being undertaken at Jesuit colleges and universities in response to "A Common Word" and the Church’s deepening commitment to mutual understanding with Muslims, or otherwise? What are the gaps and future of this comparative theological work? What collective comparative-theological initiatives might be undertaken by Jesuit institutions specifically?

Keynote Event: The Future of Islam at Jesuit Colleges and Universities

Moderated by President Paul Fitzgerald, S.J., USF


  • Thomas Michel, S.J., Georgetown University
  • Amir Hussain, Loyola Marymount University

Roundtable 3: Teaching, Curricula, and Educational Resources

Moderated by Shirley McGuire, Senior Vice Provost, USF


  • Marcia Hermansen, Loyola University Chicago
  • James Morris, Boston College
  • Martin Nguyen, Fairfield University
  • Kathryn Kueny, Fordham University

How is Islam being taught at Jesuit colleges and universities, and what are its challenges? How are Islamic studies curricula altering what “theology” is at our schools? How do our pedagogies of Islam address issues of anti-Muslim discrimination in broader American society? How might Jesuit colleges and universities collaborate in sharing and expanding educational resources (especially library resources), pedagogies, and curricular offerings on Islam?

Roundtable 4: Student Life, Community Outreach, and International Networks

Moderated by Julia Dowd, Director of University Ministry, USF


  • Yahya Hendi, Georgetown University
  • Lulu Santana, Santa Clara University
  • Achmat Salie, University of Detroit Mercy
  • Zeki Saritoprak, John Carroll University

What is the history of Muslim students on our campuses, and how do Jesuit colleges and universities interact with local Muslim communities? How are Jesuit institutions and university ministries welcoming and accommodating growing numbers of Muslim students, especially international students? How do Christian-Muslim interactions relate to the "internationalizing" agendas of our colleges and universities? How might we collaborate in expanding immersion and/or service-learning programs in Muslim-majority countries?