Care Referrals FAQs

If you are comfortable doing so, tell the student that you are concerned and ask if they are okay. They are often appreciative of the concern and in many cases, students will ask for help. 

If they are unwilling to seek help on their own, you can still let them know that you are going to refer them to staff members that can help and they should expect someone to outreach to them soon.

A campus partner will make contact with the referred student based on the recommendation of The Office of the Dean of Students Response Team or the Care Response Team (CRT). The campus partner and student will develop an action plan to help the student address their challenges.

A Care Referral can be made if there is a more sensitive or challenging student issue, while an "Early Alert" can be utilized to document academic concerns and encourage students to seek additional support, including connecting with their CASA Academic Success Coach. The Early Alert program can be used at any point in the semester to send an email directly to a student, copying their CASA Academic Success Coach and their faculty major adviser (undergraduate students). 


The Office of the Dean of Students Response Team or Care Response Team (CRT) will make this determination for you. Simply make a Care Referral and the team members will take care of the rest.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) does not prohibit the sharing of personal observations and knowledge about a student among campus officials when there is a legitimate concern related to safety.