Why MSP?

MSP Graduation group photo


I didn’t mind giving up my last 2 weeks and after experiencing it, I wouldn’t have minded giving up a whole MONTH for the program. I met some really awesome and interesting people I never would have thought to talk to and I have MSP and its members to thank for that.

Keren P., MSP ’14

Through MSP, I built confidence, a support system, but most importantly a family that helped me transition to college as a first-generation student.

Selene E., MSP ’15

We are the writers of our own life story. The MSP program is the perfect opportunity to organize your table of contents. This program is truly a blessing, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Joe A., Peer Mentor ’08, ’09

I think the academics prepared me the most for college level classes. I felt like the professors graded very hard, but fair. It definitely opened my eyes to realizing that this was no longer high school.

Easton M., MSP '12

Being in the Muscat Scholars Program was both a rewarding experience and a grateful opportunity. There couldn’t have been a better way to start off my next phase here at USF.

Pete Hernandez MSP ’13

MSP allowed me to gain a head start in my college career by surrounding me with a community of peers, professors, and USF faculty that gave me the necessary skills and strength to succeed”.

Mercedes R., MSP ’05

Without MSP I wouldn’t have so many friends and I would be lost around the campus. MSP took away all the incoming freshmen stress. After MSP I felt comfortable getting around the campus and whatnot. I recommend MSP to anyone offered the chance to participate.

Anonymous, MSP ‘12

Amazing! I feel totally comfortable on campus here at USF. I have started a network of support in all the areas of my life and feel ready to take on college!

Delia B., MSP ’14

I am so glad that I did MSP, and MSP has truly changed my college experience. Going into the program I honestly didn’t like the idea of giving up my last two weeks of summer that I had with my friends back home. But as soon as I arrived and started the MSP program I was so glad that I came. Through MSP I truly found my second family and best friends. I LOVE MSP!

Dahlia H., MSP ’12

MSP helped me get through the hard part of transitioning from my life at home to my life at college. It was the best decision I ever made and I am so happy that I was apart of this experience.

Nicole U., MSP ‘13