Case Management

Case Management provides support intervention, consultation, crisis management, and education to address student success, wellness, and the campus community.

The mission of Case Management is to:

  • promote growth in self advocacy,
  • identify and explore options to address student challenges and/or concerning behavior,
  • facilitate connection to campus and community resources, and
  • help the USF community build capacity to support students.

Students, faculty, staff, visitors, family and/or other community members, can identify and request support for students in need. 


Case Management works collaboratively with others to provide a caring and coordinated response to student needs.  Discretion is used in communicating and collaborating with USF offices and community partners to collect available and pertinent information to assist in the identification of possible interventions, strategies, and resources to address the challenges a student may be facing.


Specific services provided by Case Management include:

  • Regular meetings/contact with students
  • Consultation
  • Connection to/Coordination with on-campus resources
  • Off Campus Referral Support
  • Crisis response and support
  • Workshops and presentations

Contact us:


Vanessa Gamache, Associate Director of Case Management, provides case management to primarily undergraduate students. She is a licensed therapist who works to assist students in identifying and navigating, both on and off campus resources that will support a student's journey toward successful completion of their degree program.


Vanessa Gamache, LMFT can be reached at or 415.422.3430.


Dr. Dan McPherson, Associate Dean of Students, provides case management services primarily to graduate students. He has been at USF in the capacity as a faculty member and administrator within the Graduate School of Education.  With a degree in Clinical Psychology, he works to link  students with resources, both on-campus and off-campus, that support a student’s journey toward successful completion of their degree program.


Dr. McPherson can be reached at or 415.422.2659.