Insurance Company Provider Search Information

If your insurance provider is not listed here, visit a general search engine (like Google) and type in the name of your insurance company. You may wish to add 'provider search' as well, to find a direct link to the provider search page for your provider.

When you are on the insurance webpage, you may be prompted to create an account and/or register on the website with your insurance policy number. Some providers allow searches to occur without login. However, by logging in, you will usually find the most accurate provider information specific to your plan and coverage.

If you are on the general insurance website, and not the provider search page, select the tab or button that will be labeled something such as: "Providers", "Find a Doctor", "Physician Search", "DocFind", "Provider Directory", or "Provider Search", which will take you to the search page of the site.

Once you are on the search page for your insurance company, you will be asked to do the following:

  • Enter a zip code, or a town/city where you wish to search
  • Choose/enter the particular insurance plan you have with the company
  • Choose/enter a distance range from your location, such as 1-2 miles, 3-5 miles.

    It is recommended that students search for providers within 1-2 miles of campus or their current address, and then expand the search if additional results are needed.
  • Select a Type of Physician--Choose the option "Behavioral Health" or "Mental Health"

    On some sites, you will be able to choose a type of provider such as psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, and/or clinical social worker, but you may need to search each of these types of providers separately.
  • If the option to do so is available, designate a specialty focus such as: grief, relationships, anxiety, depression, trauma, etc.

It is strongly recommended that students research the names of providers that they are given, so they can make an informed decision about who they may want to contact. 

Some insurance companies will provide links to individual therapists' websites. If there is no direct link, the provider's name can be entered into a general search engine, or Psychology Today (please note that there is a provider fee to be listed on this website, so not all providers will be found here) to see if the provider has a webpage or if there is other information about them available online.

Students may wish to print or save the list of providers they obtain from the insurance company, for ongoing reference during their search.

Aetna Plan # is 474887

OA Elect Choice EPO



Aetna has a Student Assistance Program available to students 24-7 by phone (with additional online resources), to help address issues related to:

  • Academic pressure
  • Personal relationships & roommate issues
  • Substance abuse, gambling
  • Transitions and general emotional well-being
  • Body image and nutritional issues

Insurance Cards

Aetna does not send hard copies of cards to students who are subscribers. Students can look up their policy information and save/print a digital copy of their insurance card.


More information about USF Aetna insurance can be obtained by contacting Health Promotion Services (HPS).

It is helpful if the student knows the specific type of Aetna plan that they have--they will be prompted to choose their plan from an extensive list. While students can skip the plan selection, they will get the most accurate information about which providers are covered by their particular plan if they choose it prior to searching for providers. Not all Aetna providers accept all Aetna plans--coverage can vary widely.

Students will need to know their insurance identification number or the three-letter prefix to their insurance number in order to search specifically for their plan.

Students will need to know their insurance identification number or the three-letter prefix to their insurance number in order to search specifically for their plan.

Access to the online provider search tool is limited to members--login is required. If students do not know their login information, they can request assistance from their parents to obtain it or they can contact the number on the back of their insurance card to request that a provider list be sent to them. When requesting a provider list, students should indicate the type of treatment they are seeking (therapy, psychiatry), the issues they would like to address, the location where they would like to find a provider, and any other provider preferences they may have.

Students should verify that providers accept their particular coverage plan.

Mainland services are provided through Cigna. Additional information about accessing available services can be found on the Cigna website.

HMSA has coverage for mainland providers through BCBS. This website details information about this coverage, and redirects/links to the national BCBS provider search page.

(415) 833-2292

Switching coverage:

If student’s Kaiser coverage is not based in Northern California, they will need to request that coverage be transferred in order to access services in San Francisco. Students can call the number on the back of their insurance card to request this transfer.

Requesting services in San Francisco:

Once coverage is based in Northern CA, students should have their ID card ready, and then call (415) 833-2292. They will need to leave a voicemail message on the new client line. They will be asked to leave a few days/times that are best for a return call. Kaiser staff will call back and do a phone triage at one of the times indicated for availability.

If Kaiser staff call a student back and they are unable to make contact within 7 days, the student will need to start over with this process (calling the number above, and leaving a message). 


Kaiser staff will complete a phone screening, and then will usually schedule an in-person clinical intake. Timing between first contact with Kaiser and the date of a clinical intake can vary widely, but is usually at least two weeks. Once the clinical intake is completed, the student will be offered services based on their needs, and connected with a provider(s). The length of time this may take is variable, based on current provider availability.

Kaiser Services:

When speaking with a staff member, students can share more about what their treatment needs, and request the specific services they are seeking. Kaiser provides both therapy as well as psychiatry services to members.

It has been reported that students have experienced challenges in trying to obtain regular, weekly therapy appointments through Kaiser. While individual therapy is available, appointments may only take place every 2-4 weeks, depending on provider availability. Students may want to ask about appointment availability and frequency when they speak with a staff person.

Kaiser may try to encourage members to try group therapy first rather than individual. If students are seeking individual therapy, it is important to let the staff person they speak with on the phone know that.

Kaiser also provides a website that outlines what to expect from their organization when accessing mental health services.

Generally, Medi-Cal coverage is not transferable between counties. Students who have Medi-Cal coverage outside of San Francisco County will need to transfer their coverage from their home county in order to use their insurance coverage to access services in San Francisco.


To transfer coverage, students will need to make a request to the health and human services office in their home county (see website above for contact information), to request that their Medi-Cal coverage be switched to San Francisco county. Students should make it clear that ONLY their coverage should be switched (if there are any other family members also receiving Medi-Cal under the same account). This process can take two weeks or more.

Once coverage is transferred to San Francisco County, students will be contacted by mail to choose a plan. SF County offers two different Medi-Cal plans--San Francisco Health Plan and Anthem Blue Cross. When that new Medi-Cal plan is active, they will then be able to access providers who accept that plan.

Medi-Cal Plans in San Francisco County

There are two plans which provide Medi-Cal coverage to San Francisco County residents--Anthem Blue Cross Partnership Plan and San Francisco Health Plan.

Beacon Health Strategies manages mental health benefits for San Francisco Health Plan, and provides detailed information about how to access mental health services.

Additional MediCal Information Available Online

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