Instructional Media Evaluation Matrix

This is designed to offer some ideas on how to evaluate your content and select a media delivery method that best fits.

Instructional Goal of Media Type of Information Media Delivery Options Examples
Convey a great deal of textual information Textual Text or PDF doc.
  • Textbook chapter
  • Academic article
  • Demonstrate a process
  • Show a model
  • Process build over time
  • Visual 
  • Auditory
  • Could be textual
  • Video
  • Screencast 
  • Slide presentation
  • Annotated slides 
  • Annotated screencast
  • Video on how to start an IV drip on a patient
  • Self-made screen recording on how to add files to a shared drive
  • Slide presentation with timed elements and narration detailing steps to complete DNA extraction of a strawberry
  • Screencast demo steps to solve an equation