Capacity Building

Through capacity building initiatives and programming, ADEI designs spaces of learning and dialogue for faculty, staff, and students to effectively expand awareness of equity issues, develop skills for multicultural and inclusive education, and facilitate the exchange of best practices to advance the success of traditionally underrepresented and disenfranchised university and community populations. 

We invite students, faculty, and staff to delve into various topics relevant to diversity, equity, and inclusivity work at USF. These spaces engage in dialogue in order to bring awareness for change - share stories, learn collectively, and transform knowledge into practice.

Below are select events that were opened to the campus community.

The Working Group on Universal Access, a working group administered by ADEI, welcomed
Stacey Milbern to USF on February 12th to lead an institutional diversity intensive on disability
justice and how ableism impacts our campus cultures. Stacey Milbern is a disability justice
organizer and thought leader who believes interdependence and community care are critical
ingredients for our liberation. She has been centering the leadership of disabled people of color
in her life for 14 years, knowing that ableism disproportionately impacts communities of color
and many people are not able to claim disability identities because of heightened stigma and

The spring 2019 disability justice diversity intensive was a huge success with a collective of 40
participants including faculty, staff, students, and members from the president’s leadership

The Working Group on Universal Access facilitated a discussion between Mia Mingus and Dr.
Emily Nusbaum for both Disability Awareness Week and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The discussion explored the inextricable links between sexual violence awareness, disability justice
advocacy, and transformative justice with Mia Mingus, a queer physically disabled Korean
transracial and transnational writer, educator, and community organizer.