Centering Equity Series (CES) Learning Sessions

The Centering Equity Series (CES) is a diversity and inclusion education initiative comprised of a series of learning sessions to foster equity-mindedness among staff, faculty, and students in line with USF's Jesuit Catholic mission and values. Equity-mindedness embodies “actions that demonstrate individuals’ capacity to recognize and address structures, policies, and practices that produce and sustain inequities” (Bensimon, Center for Urban Education).

CES participants will:

  • be able to situate themselves within the context of complex social equity issues;
  • gain foundational knowledge on terms, concepts, and issues related to privilege, power, and marginalization through an anti-racist and intersectional lens;
  • hone their skills for implementing new knowledge into their daily practice, within their department or spheres of influence, and into programs and curriculum;
  • learn to connect campus climate to social and systemic issues.

CES Learning Sessions Descriptions

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CES Session Descriptions


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