Advising Week

Advising Week is an opportunity to meet with your advisor to discuss course registration for the upcoming school year, progress toward degree, research topics of interest and how you are doing overall (academically and otherwise).  The purpose of the Advising Platform is to support YOUR wellness and our goal is to have 100% of students meet with their advisors this semester!  Below are tips for a successful advising session (also found in your orientation guide):

  • Be pro-active: Schedule and attend an advising meeting with your advisor during Advising Week.
  • Print and review your transcript and program requirements prior to your meeting; bring your transcript to your meeting if you plan to transfer credits or take a course at another institution this summer.
  • Review your degree evaluation and traineeship/fieldwork reports.
  • Discuss with your advisor if you are considering a directed study, change of program or leave of absence.
  • Share questions or concerns around coursework, research, fieldwork, career plans and your overall graduate school experience.
  • Discuss thesis/dissertation research thoughts and ideas.