Support While in Student Teaching

Cooperating Teachers

Cooperating Teachers are classroom teachers that have years of experience working within a classroom setting, that support our Student Teachers as they enter the teaching profession. It is through their competence, professionalism, and sensitivity that our students are introduced to the “real world” of teaching.  They play a vital role in preparing our students to continue with the credential program. Cooperating Teachers complete evaluation forms and observations, which provides information to be used in recommending a student proceed to the Student Teaching II & III phase of the USF credential program.    


Field Placement Director

The Field Placement Director is the primary contact for all questions, concerns and changes that arise in student teaching. The Field Placement Director oversees all aspects related to Student Teaching. Please reach out to Dr. Nikole Richardson for any additional information. 



All placements must be assigned/approved by the Field Placement Director. In consultation with the student, school assignments are finalized by the Field Placement Director at the beginning of the semester. More information is provided during the first seminar meeting. Field placements are rarely changed, and changes require prior approval by the Field Placement Director. Students are not permitted to change fieldwork assignments on their own. If students have a serious concern about their school site and/or Cooperating Teacher, they should consult the Field Placement Director immediately.



Both Multiple and Single Subject credential candidates are assigned a USF Supervisor. Supervisors support candidates by observing their progress in their field placement while providing them feedback on their teaching. Supervisors also submit assessments, analyzing students' progress in Student Teaching. Once the assignments are announced, it is the responsibility of the candidate to contact the Supervisor and coordinate the required site visits during the semester. 


Teacher Ed Program Assistant

The TED Program Assistant is available to candidates to answer questions related to forms, policies, Anthology Portfolio/Chalk & Wire and to offer guidance in the event that they are unsure of who to reach out to. The TED PA hosts Drop-In Support Hours every Wednesday and Friday via Zoom from 3:30-5:30pm. Please email the TED PA with any questions.