Upload and Manage Files

You can upload PowerPoint, Word docs, HTML pages, PDFs, and many other file types to your Canvas Course. These are stored in your Files Repository accessible through the Files Navigation link. Think of this area as your “Course Junk Drawer”; you won’t want to have students looking through this area, but you may link to these files later in your course and release them to students on demand or automatically as the Semester proceeds.

Step-by-Step Guides

Tips and Best Practices

  • Hide your Files navigation link. This way, your files area becomes private and hidden. The only way students can access files you have uploaded, is when you link these files to other parts of your course, such as an Assignment or Syllabus page or Module Item. Here is How to Hide your Files area.
  •  You can upload multiple files by using multiple select features on your computer. You can upload folders by compressing or zipping the content first, then uploading this file or dragging and dropping it into the files area

Video Tutorial