Banking and Cash Management

The Office of Finance and Treasury provides capital resource and banking solutions for the University. The Office provides the following banking and cash management services:

  • The establishment of all new domestic and overseas bank accounts, as well as the ongoing maintenance and closing of all accounts.
  • The establishment of new banking services used for the receipt and disbursement of cash
  • Serves as the main administrator for the JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America banking portals.
  • Ensures that adequate liquidity is available to meet not only the daily operating needs of the University, but also forecasts cash requirements for operations and capital projects over the long-term.
  • Oversight of the investment of current operating funds, with the objective of maximizing returns while preserving capital until the operating funds are needed to support operations or other project needs. Operating funds are invested in accordance with the investment policy that is approved by the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees.

University employees that need on-line access to the University’s operating bank accounts at Bank of America should request access by contacting Stephanie Dang, Director of Finance & Treasury Operations.

Any request for a new University bank account , or a new service that is used for the collection or disbursement of University funds, should be directed to Stephanie Dang, Director of Finance & Treasury Operations.

Please direct any wire transfer or other disbursement requests to Accounts Payable in the Office of Accounting and Business Services.